EcoSafe® Revive is the only varnish solution to liquefy varnish.
And keep it from ever coming back.

EcoSafe® ReviveTM

EcoSafe® ReviveTM is the only fluid treatment designed to fully solubilize varnish and keep it from ever coming back. Other treatments still require the use of costly and ineffective varnish removal skids. EcoSafe® ReviveTM shifts the polarity of the existing mineral oil-based fluid throughout your entire system and completely repairs, restores and extends the lubricant as it extends fluid life. Plus, EcoSafe® Revive™ uses the same technology as our PAG-based turbine fluid EcoSafe® TF-25, which meets the GEK-32568j standard.

The End of Varnish


ACT turbine fluid experts have compiled a comprehensive white paper to explore the varnish threat in large frame gas turbines and how PAG-based fluid technology solves the problem. Also detailed are the comparative performance and protection of PAG-based turbine fluids and conventional hydrocarbon turbine oils.

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The performance of PAG-based turbine fluid technology has been documented in more than six years and 55,000 hours of GE power generation turbines. Schedule a meeting with ACT experts to review detailed field operating data and product performance information during a personal consultation session.

Put an End to Varnish and a Beginning to Improved Gas Turbine Protection and Performance

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Revive uses the same technology as EcoSafe® TF-25,
which meets the GEK-32568h standard

EcoSafe® TF-25 PAG-based turbine fluid is the non-varnishing, GEK 32568h-compliant replacement for conventional oils, proven in over six years and 55,000 hours of service in GE power generation turbines. EcoSafe® TF-25 is the ultimate in varnish protection and turbine fluid performance. Interested? Contact us to learn more.